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Fire & Heist Readalong #3 Schedule!

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Welcome (and welcome back!) Fairy Friends!

Not too long now until our 3rd Readalong starts! We are reading Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst, our book of the month for December. The book revolves around people who have descended from wyverns & openly integrated the modern society. These families are usually very wealthy because, very much like wyvern themselves, they hoard treasure and value gold above all else. Our main character is a girl in one of such families, however one that has been shamed and almost shunned from the human-wyvern society! But not for long, if she has any say in it!

I cannot wait to delve into this one with you!

If you have participated with us before, you know the drill! But if you are new, welcome! We really hope you will join us all in reading the book together. We host this with the goal of bringing people together and discussing the book as a FairyLoot community. This really is just a big jolly buddy read! So how does this Readalong work? It’s quite easy really.

Every day I, your host for this Readalong, will post some discussion points or observations from the section of the book allocated for that day. As the book is a bit shorter this month, we will be reading this over 6 days. The below chapters are inclusive! The reading schedule is as follows:

7th of January: Chapters 1-4

8th of January: Chapters 5-8

9th of January: Chapters 9-12

10th of January: Chapters 13-16

11th of January: Chapters 17-20

12th of January: Chapters 21-end

Each day we will tackle approximately 40-50 pages. If this is too much or too little for your usual reading speed, please adjust to your liking! 🙂 The daily posts will always be there for you to still join in and discuss!

The daily posts will have spoilers for that allocated book section so we can freely share our thoughts for what just happened and predictions as to what will follow! Cannot wait to hear what you think!

As always, there will be a Readalong exclusive competition to win your next box for free! Because we always believe reading should be encouraged! Details on how to enter to come.

Instagram will be a spoiler free zone! Make sure to tag us in your Readalong stories when you get ready for a reading session, we often repost these and we love (no but seriously, I live for those haha) seeing you all cozy and ready to smash the daily goals! It keeps us and others motivated! If you take Instagram photos of the book, you might also find your photo being featured in a post too (with due credit, of course!).

I will pop on the stories every day to remind you which chapters we are reading that day. We know some people like to set a handy phone reminder to get that reading done too!

Are you in?

I believe we have a heist to get to then 😉



50 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong #3 Schedule!

  1. Excited to join the readalong again!!

    1. Yay, welcome back!

  2. I’m so excited for this readalong! Before these started I would sometimes not read my FairyLoot books for months or at all (I have to catch up haha) but since the readalongs have started it has been so much easier!

    I can’t wait!!

    1. I actually have a bunch I need to catch up for too from before I joined the theme so this is really motivating me too!

  3. So excited for my first time joining the readalong! 🙂

    1. Yay, I’m so happy you’re joining in! Really hope you’ll enjoy the experience!

  4. I’m so ready for this and the timing is PERFECT as the Winter Biannual Bibliothon is just around the corner!

  5. This will be the first one I’ll be doing. Can’t wait!

    1. That’s super exciting, I really hope you’ll enjoy it!

  6. My first readalong and I can’t wait! Xx

  7. Eep, so excited! It’d be my first time along 🙂

  8. Yay! I can’t wait to start reading this one!

  9. Yay, I’m excited to finally get to join the readalong. I missed the girls of paper and fire and had already read skyward but this book sounds fun and I can’t wait! 😀

  10. This will be my first Fairy Loot readalong (although I plan on reading both Skyward and Girls of paper and fire, and will make sure to check the previous readalong posts for those, even though I’m late). So excited!

  11. I’m very excited for this Readalong! I wanted to participate in the last two, but had too much to do for school.. Thank you G, for being such an amazing host <3

  12. I’ll be using this reasalong to help me get over the back-to-work blues I’m sure I’ll have on Monday. I think I can handle 50 pages a day so it’s a nice start to these readalongs.

  13. Hi G !
    You can count on me again, I’m ready for my second readalong with you guys 😁 .

    I’m so excited, my book is like “reaaaaad meeee” every time I’m looking at my shelf (no, I’m not crazy 🙄) !!!

    See you on Monday 😁

  14. This is my first readalong to participate in and I’m so excited! ❤️

  15. Yay!!! My box arrived today. Perfect timing. I was worried that I wasn’t able to join on time this month. I really look forward reading this book with you all.

    Nice to meet you all. Let’s all read together


    (Instagram: TheNarratress)

  16. This will be my first readalong! 😀 I am so excited to join!

  17. First read along for me, I cannot wait!!! 😁😁

  18. So excited to be joining in again. This was so much fun with Skyward. I look forward to reading Fire & Heist with all of you.

  19. Hey G!

    So excited for another readalong! Its such great motivation for reading the books in the boxes. Before you started doing readalong I hadn’t read any of the FL books they were just sitting on my TBR pile. 😅 I already read the ARC from December’s box though and it was great! Have a lovely weekend all!


    1. Haha I was the same, I rarely read any of them they just went on my shelves. This is much more fun!
      Cora |

  20. I’ve been looking forward to this readalong since before Christmas, it’s been tempting to start reading since I got my box but I resisted for this! Can’t wait to join you all in the experience! 📖 💙

  21. My name is Cora and I blog at (mostly about books, sometimes about tea and life in general) and I’m on instagram as @teapartyprincess.
    I am so excited for another readlong! I love setting aside a while each night to read and then chat with everyone about my theories and what I think. It also means that I actually read the books instead of them sitting on my shelves!
    I’m rather excited for this one as I’ve purposely kept myself in the dark – I haven’t even read the blurb and purposely skipped the second paragraph of this post!
    Cora |

  22. My name is Cora and I run a blog called Tea Party Princess (mostly about books, sometimes about tea and life in general) and I’m on instagram as @teapartyprincess.
    I am so excited for another readlong! I love setting aside a while each night to read and then chat with everyone about my theories and what I think. It also means that I actually read the books instead of them sitting on my shelves!
    I’m rather excited for this one as I’ve purposely kept myself in the dark – I haven’t even read the blurb and purposely skipped the second paragraph of this post!
    Cora |

  23. I am so excited! Dragons are my favorite magical creatures so this is a perfect book for me! I have also been loving these read alongs. Like others have said, they are motivating me to read the books right away. I have been subscribing every month since March 2017 and I think I have only read a handful of them before these read alongs🙈.

  24. I will be joining this 🙂 I love having a huge group of people to read with!

  25. I read the first 40 pages because I couldn’t wait. I’ll put it off until the read-a-long though. I can’t wait!!

  26. I enjoyed the readalong for Girls of paper and fire and then completely forgot about last months box. Gotta make sure this time around I have it in my callandar. I look forward to this book so much.

  27. I’m going to be joining for the first time! I’m so excited!

  28. It will be my first and I’m so excited ! I wanted to participate before but never dared because I’m french and really not confident about my english… ^^” but hey ! new year, new resolutions : readalong, here I come ! 🙂

  29. It is my first time joining and I’m so excited 😊

  30. It’s my first time and I’m super excited.

  31. Okay I didn’t realize there was a read-along & missed the last one 😂💔 but now im onboard for this one yaaas

  32. I am in, captain. 😀 ♥ I enjoyed the last read-along so much, even though I did not finish the book in time, but this time, I will have more time, so I really hope so, that I am going to finish it with you, guys! ♥

  33. Just found out about this I had to drop my fairy loot subscription but now I can read along so that cool got my copy and will dive in today. Thanks

  34. I’m joining for the first time and I can’t wait! 😍💕

  35. I can’t wait to join the read-a-long tomorrow!!! I’ve participated in the previous two but it’s always taken me longer than the week to finish the book. Hopefully this time will be different…

  36. YESSSSS! Today is the day!! Who else is super excited to start reading?! 😀

  37. Joining in on the fun today! Made Sure yesterday I finished the book I was reading. So all attention can go to Fire & Heist❤️

  38. Last 2 read-a-longs I have been a part of, just never had time to introduce myself – so hello ! I am officially jumping in on this one, can’t wait for the dragons 🔥

  39. My very first readalong! I’m super excited to start!

  40. I am super excited to join this readalong, finally! Good luck and have fun all of you! Looking forward to share my thoughts on this <3

  41. Excited to join in!!

  42. I’m in! Wasnt too sure about this book at first glance but looking forward to the readlong.

  43. I’m so excited! I didn’t participate in the last readalong because I just didn’t have enough time in December but I’m back! Can’t wait to read this book with all of you! 😊

  44. I am so excited for this readalong! Fire and Heist looks fantastic!

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