July Theme: Tricksters

Do you love trickery? Better than that, do you love magical trickery? Have you always been interested in illusions, jinxes, mystery, charms and fortune telling? Yes? Well, then you’re in for a real treat!

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June Theme: Elementalists

Did you ever wish you could control an element, or all the elements? Would you love to practice potion making? Learn every spell and type of magic out there?

March Theme: Myths & Monsters

Do you love whimsical stories filled with magic and lost mythical cities? Tales of Gods, myths and monsters? Do you love magical creatures? Dragons? Phoenixes? Unicorns? Nephilim? If you do, then you are going to love this box!

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February Theme: Emperors & Fugitives

What if you were an empress of the galaxy on the run, how well would you fare? What if the stakes were really high, would you do what needs to be done? Could you handle the twists and turns? In a world of magic and betrayal, you better be ready...

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January Theme: Mystery & Mischief

Would you trade your deepest secret for a clue? Ever wonder what is real, and what is not quite as it seems? Do you love the circus? Enjoy mischief and mind games? Lavish parties, masquerade masks? Magic that comes out in the night?

December Theme: Sci-Fi Adventure

Is The Force strong with you? Are you a Jedi Master? Would you be at the forefront of a intergalactic rebellion? Have you ever wondered what your Kryptonite might be? Have you always wanted to go on an epic space adventure filled with magic? Do you often stare at the starry sky and wonder what is out there? Who else is out there? What if you lived on another planet, in another world? What kind of magical creatures would be in that world? What kind of people would rule those planets?