#FairyChat on Twitter!

#FairyChat on Twitter!

We're so happy to announce that we will be having a #FairyChat on Twitter every second Saturday of the month at 9pm GMT! So what happens during FairyChat?

  • We'll talk about the book in the previous month's box (spoiler free!).
  • Ask questions based on the that month's theme and other totally unrelated and random topics.
  • Giveaways! Normally one hardback copy of the book in the previous month's box (for people that didn't order a box of FairyLoot) and a box of FairyLoot for the next month!  These are always open international. ;)
  • Authors will occasionally participate in the chat. In our April chat, the author of the book in our March box will be participating and we're so excited!
  • General spontaneous fun!

The chats will normally last around one hour, and you do not have to have read the book or received a box of FairyLoot to participate - it is totally open to anyone that wants to join in on the fun! :)

We hope to see you at our next FairyChat on April 9th!

** EDIT **

What time is 9pm GMT for you?

  • United Kingdom: 10pm

  • Europe: 11pm

  • New York, US: 5pm