General Updates & News

This is just a little update on things that have been happening incase anyone has missed any of the following announcements:

  • The March box was shipped out last week, and some people have already started receiving theirs.
  • We will not be posting any spoilers on our Twitter/Instagram feed for the next 10 days or so - no need to worry! ;)
  • Only our March boxes are white - from April onwards they will be completely black with a slightly different design (they're going to be gorgeous!).
  • We are hosting #FairyChat on the 9th of April at 9pm GMT. Find out more about that here. The author of the book in our March box will also be participating!
  • We will start looking at all our rep applications over the next month or so - thanks for all of your applications! :) We are planning to do an Instagram-only rep search in April or May as well.

We hope you all love your March boxes! We can't wait to see all of your unboxings. :)