July Theme: Pirates & Power

July Theme: Pirates & Power

the july theme is... PIRATES & POWER!

This box is perfect for fans of pirates (obviously), faery-tales and folklore. If you love power stories like Red Queen and Snow Like Ashes you'll love this box. This is a one-of-a-kind box because it has two incredibly special features...

In this box, you will receive one signed + dedicated book AND one Advanced Reading Copy book (ARC) of a highly anticipated 2017 release. Yes, you read that right - you're receiving TWO full length books! 

What's more is this box also has SIX amazing goodies! That's more goodies than we've ever had in any box! We mean it when we say it is EPIC and our most special box yet - we're going all out! The ARC is also exclusive to FairyLoot, which means that no other subscription box will have it!

Are you excited? So are we! Let us break down all the important information you need for our unique July box:



You will receive one signed and dedicated book. In order to have it dedicated, you must place your order BEFORE JUNE 24TH DEADLINE. If you place your order after the deadline, it will only be signed and NOT dedicated (all books will be signed). When you purchase a box/subscription, a window will pop up asking for the name you would like the book dedicated to. If you are already subscribed, we will use the name you put in for your delivery address for the dedication - if you would like us to use a different name or no name use this order support form as soon as possible. Of course there will also be swag and a personalised letter from the author!
** This book is a paperback book as this a special circumstance. Normally all of our books will always be hardback unless stated otherwise.


You will receive one Advanced Reading Copy of a highly anticipated 2017 release. It's been at the top of our TBR list forever, and we're so excited we're able to include it in our box. This ARC is an exclusive to FairyLoot so you won't find it in any other subscription boxes! On top of that, there will be two gorgeous covers/editions (both have the exact same content) of this ARC going out in our boxes - I wonder which one you'll get! ;)


This box is packed to the rim as usual and it has SIX amazing goodies in it - that's more than we've ever had in any of our boxes so far! There are multiple exclusive products for FairyLoot, so you won't get them anywhere else!

  • It will feature a brand new awesome product from one of our favourite stores; BehindThePages! This special new product is being launched with this box, so you've never seen it before (it's not her new soaps, although we will be featuring those in an upcoming box!). It won't be available to the public until this box has been revealed! How exciting is that?
  • We've got an exclusive product that is not only useful but also gorgeous from Alice's Boutique!
  • Plus many more goodies from amazing suppliers that we will slowly reveal over the course of the next couple of weeks. ;)


The author of the signed/dedicated book will also be joining our Twitter chat (#FairyChat) on Saturday August 13th. We can't wait!

The July boxes will be available in our online store on Friday 27th around midday for single purchases, 3-month and 6-month subscriptions. Make sure you get your name on the waiting list, so we'll send you an email as soon as the boxes are live in our online store. :) If you put your name on the waiting list last month, you will need to put it on this new list again - we make a new list every month so we don't spam people!

We always have a limited amount of boxes every month, so make sure you grab yours soon! If you have a subscription, you don't have to worry about missing out, you will automatically get the next box.

Please make sure you check our new Shipping Guidelines page for important information about tracked and standard shipping. 

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