June Theme: Elementalists

We're so excited to finally reveal the June theme to you guys and it is... ELEMENTALISTS


Did you ever wish you could control an element, or all the elements? Would you love to practice potion making? Learn every spell and type of magic out there?

The June ‘Elementalists’ box is perfect for people that love magic, elements and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Every item in this box is exclusive and there is a total of SIX items, and only one item will be based on a fandom (Avatar). All of the items are high quality and will be sure to make you feel like you can easily control the elements and conjure magic!

The book we’re featuring is a highly anticipated novel that contains unique elemental magic and a story that will set your heart racing. We’re sure you are going to love this epic and magical adventure! It will also come signed bookplate, letter from the author and many more goodies.


For now we’re only going to reveal one supplier for this box and that is Miss Phi! Blanca has created a stunning and exclusive throw pillow design that will be included in the box! It’s the perfect pillow for any bookworm and we know you’ll love it too! The design is never before seen and will only be available in this box! Stay tuned for more supplier reveals on our social media.

The June boxes are available in our online store NOW for subscriptions and single purchase.

We have stocked up a lot for June boxes, so it should give more people an opportunity to subscribe! Even though we have increased the amount of boxes, the quantity is still limited, so make sure you grab yours soon! If you have a subscription you don't have to worry about missing out, you will automatically get the next box.