March Theme: Memorable Moments

The March theme is 'MEMORABLE MOMENTS'

FairyLoot March 2018 Theme

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of FairyLoot, the March theme is ‘Memorable Moments’! This box celebrates memorable moments in some of our favourite books!

There will be items that are perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters! We’re including some really unique items in this box, and one of them is something we have never ever included before!

The book we are featuring is a very exciting release from a bestselling author that features princesses, a cut-throat race to power and victory, memorable moments, magic and so much more! This edition will be an EXCLUSIVE HARDCOVER edition that you won’t be able to get anywhere else - it's been made just for FairyLoot! It will also come with a signed bookplate and letter from the author.


For the special anniversary our boxes will be PURPLE instead of the usual black! We love doing this to celebrate our anniversary, and you guys seemed to love it last year too!

This box is also going to contain a stunning scarf that is exclusive to this box! We’ve really gone all out for this and we are so excited for you to see what we have planned for you.

The March boxes will be available on Sunday February 4th at 1pm GMT for subscriptions and single purchase!

* We have stocked up a lot for March boxes, so it should give more people an opportunity to subscribe! Even though we have increased the amount of boxes, the quantity is still limited, so make sure you grab yours soon! If you have a subscription you can sit back and relax, your subscription will automatically renew and you will get the next box.
Prices start at £26 GBP excluding shipping and VAT (if applicable).

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