All you need is the UNIQUE #hashtag from your box

So, you've just opened your box of FairyLoot and come across a little card showing your unique #BuddyReadingHashtag?  

Reading alone is great, but it's always fun to read with someone else, which is why we give you the chance to connect with another passionate reader somewhere else in the world, who probably can't wait to finally 'meet' you! 

  • Only you and one other person will have the same hashtags in their FairyLoot box. 
  • This unique hashtag will connect both of you and so you can find each other by searching those hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  • It's like being drawn a totally random reading buddy, so that you can enjoy the book together. 
  • You'll find the instructions on how to use your unique hashtag to find your reading buddy below.

(This is totally optional, of course - you don't have to participate! If you're looking for a different type of interaction, you can join us on our monthly Twitter chat called #FairyChat, which takes place on the 2nd Saturday of each month.)


METHOD 1:  Use your Twitter and/or Instagram account to search for the hashtag that you received in your loot box (e.g. #FariyLootBUDDY). We use the reuse the same hashtags every month, so make sure your connected buddy is tagging the same book as you. Your reading buddy might have already posted something with the same hashtag, so their post should come up. Get in touch, and you're ready to start buddy reading! 


METHOD 2: Can't find any posts from your reading buddy with that same hashtag? This means it is now up to you to post a message or picture of the paper card from the loot box first, using your unique hashtag. Make sure you put your unique hashtag so that your buddy can find you when they search, and tell them the name of the book because we reuse the hashtags every month. Wait until your buddy finds your post, say 'hi' to each other, start buddy reading and let the bookish fun begin!


What are you waiting for?

Start searching on Twitter and Instagram.

Can't find your buddy? They probably haven't received their box yet or might not want to participate. If you are looking to join another buddy reading hashtag, Tweet us and we'll try to link you up with some others! :)