how a passion for reading turned into a subscription box

FairyLoot was created by Anissa, your average bookworm and lover of all things fantasy, and her partner Michael. The idea came to them in February 2016, and they quickly became enamoured with FairyLoot and launched their very first box in March. They wanted to share their love of fantasy with book lovers around the world and build a warm community of like-minded readers, which they hope you will be a part of too. Their journey started off with Anissa and Michael, and today FairyLoot has grown into a small but passionate team.

Here at FairyLoot, Young Adult fiction is our forte, and we want each and every one of our boxes to be a special experience and make you feel like you are opening a box of treasure taken straight from a fairy's lair.

We focus exclusively on fantasy and our books are all Young Adult or Young Adult crossovers.

Every month we have a different theme and select an exciting new title with 4-6 hand selected goodies. Our boxes are lovingly packed in the heart of London and sprinkled with fairy dust, every time.

Fairytales do come true, after all.

Anissa – your average bookworm.


Let's connect: @fairyloot

What's FairyLoot about?

 Michael –  your average bookworm's boyfriend.

Michael –  your average bookworm's boyfriend.

We're all about community. Our boxes have a unique buddy reading feature which links you up with around 5 other people each month, allowing you to connect with them and buddy read the book together. Isn't making new bookish friends just the best? We also host #FairyChat on Twitter on the second Saturday of every month where we talk about the book and theme of the previous month - often the author of the book joins us too!

We're all about exclusivity. Most of the items included in our boxes are exclusively designed for the box, which means that you won't be able to get them anywhere else and you can be sure it matches the theme perfectly. We pack our boxes to the brim every month with creative and useful goodies that every fantasy bookworm is sure to love.

We're all about making it personal. Our boxes almost always feature personalised letters and signed bookplates from the author, making you almost feel like they are personally placing the book in your very own hands.

We're all about the best of the best fantasy reads. We read all of the books we feature months in advance to ensure that they will be a truly magical read for you. The book is the heart of the box, so it's guaranteed to be one of the best newly released fantasy books.

We're all about your unboxing experience. Each month we work hard to make our boxes the very best they can be, so that they wow you and make you wonder if they might actually be taken from a fairy's lair (which they may be).


Every box is filled to the brim with exclusive items

  • A hardback copy of an exciting new release Young Adult fantasy book. All of the books are published within 50 days of when you receive the box.
  • Around 5-6 high quality bookish goodies that relate to the theme of the month. We source our items from small and large businesses around the world and they are often exclusively made for the box, so you won't be able to get them anywhere else!

  • FairyScoop ﹣ our fun mini newsletter that contains an interview with the author of the book of the month, recommendations on what to read next and more!
  • A letter from the author and a signed bookplate whenever available, among other goodies relating to the book of the month.
  • Promotional items for other fantastic Young Adult books, which can include chapter samplers, bookmarks and more!
  • A packing list with stunning artwork that details where everything in the box came from.
  • A unique buddy reading card hashtag that links you up with five likeminded YA readers.