…the world was a dull place. 

It Was lacking magical monthly book deliveries and fantasy treats. 


It was not until March 2016 that your average bookworm Anissa and her partner Michael sent out the very first FairyLoot box, fully packed with exclusive treasures and a top notch Young Adult fantasy book. 

THEN The World Has turned...


...into a brighter place

where book lovers receive their exclusive monthly treasures delivered right to their door.


Within a few months FairyLoot found its place in the heart of passionate readers all over the world. With the help of a small team, Anissa and Michael are now sharing their love for Young Adult fantasy novels around the world through the monthly book boxes. 


Fairytales do come true, after all!


Each and every one of FairyLoot’s boxes is a special experience

and THEY will make you feel like you are opening a box of treasure taken straight from a fairy's lair.


The box comes with a different theme every month and contains an exciting recently-released novel alongside 5-6 exclusive items. All boxes are lovingly packed and sprinkled with fairy dust, every time.