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FairyLoot April Theme 2019 Dark Magic
February 26, 2019

April Theme: DARK MAGIC

We’re so excited to reveal the theme for April and it is… DARK MAGIC! We’ve...Read more
February 01, 2019


We are so thrilled that we can announce our March theme earlier than usual!...Read more
February 01, 2019

February Theme: BEAST & BEAUTY

We’re so happy to finally reveal the epic theme for February and it is…...Read more
Finale Box FairyLoot Collectors Edition
January 10, 2019

The Finale Box: A Collector’s Edition

It’s finally time to reveal our first ever special edition box! We are so...Read more
January 01, 2019


We’re so excited to reveal the epic theme for January and it is… UNBREAKABLE...Read more
December 01, 2018

December Theme: DRAGONS

We’re so excited to reveal the epic theme for December and it is… 🐉...Read more
November 01, 2018

November Theme: Battles & Galaxies

This theme is all about epic battles and galactic adventures! It’s been too long...Read more
October 01, 2018

October Theme: Beautiful Deceptions

THE OCTOBER THEME IS ‘BEAUTIFUL DECEPTIONS’ This theme is based on stories and characters...Read more
September 01, 2018

September Theme: Starcrossed Swoons

THE SEPTEMBER THEME IS ‘STARCROSSED SWOONS’ Do you love your books with starcrossed lovers?...Read more
August 01, 2018

August Theme: Mutinous Pirates

THE AUGUST THEME IS ‘MUTINOUS PIRATES’ Look alive, you swabs! It’s time for us...Read more
July 01, 2018

July Theme: The Power Within

THE JULY THEME IS ‘THE POWER WITHIN’ We are so excited to reveal that...Read more
June 01, 2018

June Theme: Rebels in Ballgowns

THE JUNE THEME IS ‘REBELS IN BALLGOWNS’ We are so excited to reveal that...Read more