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April 01, 2018

April Theme: Whimsical Journeys

THE APRIL THEME IS ‘WHIMSICAL JOURNEYS’ This box is perfect for people that love...Read more
March 01, 2018

March Theme: Memorable Moments

THE MARCH THEME IS ‘MEMORABLE MOMENTS’ To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of FairyLoot,...Read more
February 01, 2018

February Theme: Twisted Tales

THE FEBRUARY THEME IS ‘TWISTED TALES’ Once upon a time… there was a box...Read more
January 01, 2018

January Theme: Talk Faerie To Me

THE JANUARY THEME IS ‘TALK FAERIE TO ME’ It’s time to take a trip...Read more
December 01, 2017

December Theme: Oh So Regal

THE DECEMBER THEME IS ‘OH SO REGAL’ It’s time to shine those crowns and...Read more
November 01, 2017

November Theme: Ladies That Slay

THE NOVEMBER THEME IS ‘LADIES THAT SLAY’ Do you like leading ladies that kick...Read more