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Select the plan that suits you best. Will it be a monthly plan, a 3 month prepay subscription or a 6 month prepay subscription?

Our monthly box is priced at £27.50

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Our fairies are wrapping, packing and preparing your magical box. Every box will have around 5 exclusive goodies along with an exciting new hardcover YA fantasy book. A sprinkle of fairy dust and your box is ready to go!

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Was that a fluttering of wings outside? Your book subscription box is here! We ship our boxes on a fast tracked service from our warehouse in the UK directly to your door.

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Share your love for your #fairyloot box and take part in our monthly Readalongs. Enjoy the exciting goodies, exclusive content from the author and brand-new hardcover book that you've received. Happy reading!

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What's inside the box?



Well, sort of. It's actually a fantasy-focused monthly book subscription box containing a recently-released Young Adult book and a selection of 4 - 5 high quality bookish goodies. We partner up with the best authors and leading publishing houses to regularly surprise you with special edition books that will keep you up all night!

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Start your fantasy journey

We are so excited to reveal the March theme for our Young Adult monthly box and it is… THREADS OF FATE!

If your life was predestined, how far would you go to change it? This box is dedicated to characters who fight against destiny and take control of their own fate.

You can expect items inspired by Circe, The Raven Boys, Raybearer and our featured book of the month. We are thrilled to reveal that there will be a deck of foiled playing cards inspired by Six Crimson Cranes, Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Jade Fire Gold and Only A Monster with artwork by @naiivu.

Our featured book of the month is a retelling of the classic Korean folktale of Shim Cheong! We absolutely loved this enchanting and lyrical story and we think you will too. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER, TWO COLOURED STENCIL SPRAYED EDGES, ARTWORK ON THE ENDPAPERS by @naiivu, FOIL EMBOSSING ON THE HARDCOVER by @naiivu, is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and as usual will come with a letter from the author. We can’t wait for you to see this stunning edition!

Spots for new subscriptions are currently CLOSED, but you can sign up to the waiting list eepurl.com/g2MAxr. The best way to get a subscription at the moment is to sign up to the waiting list - we invite people whenever more spots become available.

Gorgeous theme art by official FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by @blanca.design

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We know we said that this reveal wasn’t coming until February 4th, but with all of your excitement we just couldn’t resist revealing our very first Adult monthly box theme early!

We are thrilled to reveal that the theme for March is… DARK ACADEMIA!

This FairyLoot exclusive edition will come with an EXCLUSIVE COVER, DIGITALLY SPRAYED EDGES, ARTWORK ON THE ENDPAPERS BY @lizzart_zardonicz, FOIL EMBOSSING and will have a DIGITAL SIGNATURE. 

Our featured book of the month is perfect for readers that love:
🖤 Academic Rivals
🖤 Magic Underworlds
🖤 Morally Grey Characters

Please note that this is a book-only subscription and will come with just the book. All of the books featured in this subscription are categorised as Adult within the publishing industry.

Everything you need to know about this new subscription can be found on our website under the community section or directly here: community.fairyloot.com/adult-fantasy-book-only-subscription/. 

On February 9th at around 1pm GMT we will send everyone on this waitlist an invitation to join in batches: eepurl.com/hFNbWf. Please note that spots are limited and they will be offered exclusively to people on this mailing list. If we run out of spots, we will create a new waiting list for when we add new spots and we will continue to grow this subscription throughout the year.

Gorgeous theme art by @blanca.design

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Happy Monday, fairies! 🧚‍♀️✨

Both our December ‘Dance With Death’ photo challenge and readalong start today, yay!

You can find the readalong schedule and day one’s post waiting for you at community.fairyloot.com, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 🖤

Will you be joining in the photo challenge or readalong? We’re so excited to see all of your stunning photos!

📸 Beautiful photo by @spinesthatshine 🖤

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Happy Sunday, fairies! 🧚‍♀️✨ We hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.

What are you currently reading? Let us know in the comments!

We’re ready (and very excited) to start reading our December ‘Dance With Death’ book, Year of the Reaper by Makiia Lucier, with you all tomorrow. If you’d like to join in you can find the readalong schedule at community.fairyloot.com! 🖤

Just a reminder that our photo challenge for the ‘Dance With Death’ box is also starting tomorrow! We can’t wait see see your beautiful photos.

This stunning photo showcases the amazing foil artwork featured on Year of the Reaper by @emiliesnaith_art!

📸 Thank you to @amanda.the.bookish for the beautiful photo! 🖤

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The photo challenge for the December 'Dance With Death' box starts on Monday, we are so excited to see your photos this month! Want to take part? Check out the prompts and information below and remember to tag your photos with #FairyPhoto57 so we can find them! 🖤

Here are this month's prompts:
⚔️ JANUARY 24th: UNBOXING: Show us everything that came in your December 'Dance With Death' box!
⚔️ JANUARY 25th: LETTER OPENER & FOILED BOOKMARKS: We want to see your mini replica of The Prince of Hearts' dagger, designed by @jezhawk along with those stunning foiled Hades & Persephone bookmarks by @gracezhuart!
⚔️ JANUARY 26th: BOOK SLEEVE: Take a photo of your new These Violent Delights inspired book sleeve designed by @celestialfang!
⚔️ JANUARY 27th: YEAR OF THE REAPER & FAIRYLOOT BOX: lastly, we want to see your beautiful FairyLoot edition of Year of the Reaper with your FairyLoot box!

🖤 There will be a winner selected at random for each prompt on February 4th, so there is plenty of time to enter. The winners will receive their next FairyLoot box for FREE!
🖤 You don't need to post every day to match the prompt.
🖤 If you've already posted a photo that fits the prompt - just edit to include the hashtag #FairyPhoto57 by February 4th and you're entered!
🖤 Accounts must be public so we can see the photos! 😉

Thank you so much, fairies! We can't wait to see your photos for this month!

📸 Photo challenge graphic by @blanca.design with artwork by official FairyLoot artist, @taratjah.

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