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Select the plan that suits you best. Will it be a monthly plan, a 3 month prepay subscription or a 6 month prepay subscription?

Our monthly box is priced at £27.50

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Our fairies are wrapping, packing and preparing your magical box. Every box will have around 5 exclusive goodies along with an exciting new hardcover YA fantasy book. A sprinkle of fairy dust and your box is ready to go!

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Was that a fluttering of wings outside? Your book subscription box is here! We ship our boxes on a fast tracked service from our warehouse in the UK directly to your door.

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Share your love for your #fairyloot box and take part in our monthly Readalongs. Enjoy the exciting goodies, exclusive content from the author and brand-new hardcover book that you've received. Happy reading!

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What's inside the box?



Well, sort of. It's actually a fantasy-focused monthly book subscription box containing a recently-released Young Adult book and a selection of 4 - 5 high quality bookish goodies. We partner up with the best authors and leading publishing houses to regularly surprise you with special edition books that will keep you up all night!

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Start your fantasy journey

We are thrilled to present to you the FairyLoot exclusive edition of ‘These Twisted Bonds’ by Lexi Ryan, brought to you in collaboration with @hodderscape and @writerlexiryan!

This is the stunning conclusion to These Hollow Vows, which we featured in our August 'Lovestruck' box last year. This matching edition will come with the following customisations:
✨ Exclusive cover
✨ Stencil and sprayed edges
✨ Artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket by @sashac_art
✨ Foil on the hardcover by @sashac_art
✨ Signed by Lexi Ryan

This is NOT part of our normal monthly subscription box and if you wish to order a copy, it will be available for £20.99 GBP / $28.99 USD + shipping from the UK and US Fairy Trove, which ship to most countries worldwide. On February 16th at 1pm GMT, we will send out a private Early Access link to all active subscribers and everyone who received the August 2021 box. If we have any stock remaining, these will be available in the Fairy Trove to the general public on February 17th at 1pm GMT. The books are expected to ship in September/October.

We cannot wait for you to see this gorgeous edition! 💙

Thanks to the wonderful @blanca.design for the graphic!

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What's the longest book series you've read? 🖤

While we know that the Shadowhunter books are split up into separate series, we still think having read so many books all set in the same world is a pretty impressive feat!

Pictured is our FairyLoot exclusive edition of book three in The Dark Artifices trilogy, Queen of Air and Darkness!

We had the honour of bringing you a Deluxe Set of The Dark Artifices last year, featuring all three books in hardcover, with exclusive foil dust jackets, two-coloured stencilled edges, custom endpapers by the incredible @arz28, ribbon bookmarks and each book had Cassandra Clare’s signature stamped within!

📸 Thank you to @thecrazyreader for this stunning photo! 😍

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Do you prefer series or standalone books? Come and tell us in the comments!
We’re partial to both! On the one hand, there’s nothing better than finding a new series you can devour and love! On the other hand, sometimes you need a good standalone book that you know will wrap up nicely with no painful cliffhangers! 👀
We loved the Penryn & the End of Days series by Susan Ee and were delighted to bring you this Deluxe Set of all three books!
Never before printed in hardcover, these are the only hardcover editions out there! These books have solid sprayed edges and beautiful artwork on the reverse of the dust jackets by the one and only @arz28. Each book features a gorgeous foil design by @arz28, and this same angel design spreads across the spines when they line up! All three books were signed by Susan Ee and we love how this set turned out!
📸 Stunning photo by @myfriendsarefiction!
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What’s your favourite way to relax and wind down after a long week? 💖

We’re not sure there’s anything more relaxing than getting wrapped up in blankets and snuggling up with a book! Fantasy worlds especially are such a great way to escape reality for a little while. 🥰

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and manage to get some reading in. If you’re reading anything good, make sure you let us know in the comments!

📸 Thank you to @bookpopwonderland for this gorgeous photo!

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Hey fairies, happy Friday! 🧚‍♀️✨

In case you missed it, our next #FairyChat is happening today at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. We’ll be talking to the amazing @marissameyerauthor about this stunning book, Gilded! The chat will be spoiler free, and we will be saving it to our IGTV!

Gilded is steeped in magic, curses and fairytale fantasy and we loved every second of it!

Pictured is our FairyLoot exclusive edition. What’s special about this edition?
✨ Exclusive Gold foil on the hardcover
✨ GOLD GILDED edges (so pretty!)
✨ Custom Endpapers
✨ Ribbon Bookmark
✨ Signed by Marissa Meyer

Will you be watching? Let us know if you have any questions for Marissa!

📸 Stunning photo by @xenatine 🖤

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We are thrilled to announce that our next #FairyChat will be taking place tomorrow Friday 14th of January 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm GMT with @marissameyerauthor to talk about her fantastic book: Gilded!
Shannon and Marissa will be talking about all things Gilded! If you haven't read the book yet, don't worry, this chat will be SPOILER FREE!
Is there anything you’d like us to ask Marissa? Let us know in the comments or alternatively save these for the Fairy Chat as there will be time at the end for questions in the comments too!
We absolutely love the FairyLoot exclusive edition of Gilded, which came with exclusive gold foil on the hardcover, gold gilded edges, custom endpapers, a ribbon bookmark and it was signed by Marissa Meyer!
Beautiful graphic by the wonderful @blanca.design!
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Tell us, how do you track your reading?
Sometimes it can be hard to track what you have and haven’t read, especially if you find yourself constantly adding more books to that never ending TBR (we’re very guilty of this).
We have put together some FairyLoot book bingo templates to help you to help you track and tick off every FairyLoot monthly book you’ve read and tackle that TBR! We’ll be posting these to our stories very soon. Who’s excited? 😍
📸 We are obsessed with this FairyLoot stack by @darkfaerietales_! How many have you read?
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