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Our fairies are wrapping, packing and preparing your magical box. Every box will have around 5 exclusive goodies along with an exciting new YA fantasy book. A sprinkle of fairy dust and your box is ready to go!

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Was that a fluttering of wings outside? Your book subscription box is here! We ship our boxes on a fast tracked service from our warehouse in the UK directly to your door.

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Share your love for your #fairyloot box and take part in our monthly Readalongs. Enjoy the exciting goodies, exclusive content from the author and brand-new hardcover book that you've received. Happy reading!

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Well, sort of. It's actually a fantasy-focused monthly book subscription box containing a recently-released Young Adult book and a selection of around 5 high quality bookish goodies. We partner up with the best authors and leading publishing houses to regularly surprise you with special edition books that will keep you up all night!

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Our question of the day: what's your favourite myth? Let us know in the comments! ✨

We've seen so many of your comments about about how much you loved our exclusive edition of Lore, which is brimming with Greek mythology! Featured in our January 2021 'Greek Mythology' box, our exclusive condition came with an exclusive cover, sprayed AND stenciled edges, artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket by @lizzart_zardonicz, foil embossing on the front and back of the case, custom endpapers and a printed signature!

📷 Thanks to @talesntrickery for the gorgeous photo!
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Happy Friday, fairies! We hope you have a lovely weekend planned. 🧚‍♀️🖤

We have some great news to end the week: July 'Tales Retold' boxes are currently being packed by our fulfilment partners and are estimated to ship between July 29th to August 6th! Woohoo! We are hoping we can get them all shipped a little earlier than that and our packing teams are working as fast as they can, but we will keep you posted. We are so excited for you to see this box! 🖤

For any other questions about shipping or to see updates, visit our shipping updates page on our website here: https://community.fairyloot.com/shipping-updates/. As soon as we have any new updates, we share these here so keep an eye out on this page. 👀 If you ever need any help, our team is always here for you and can be reached at fairyloot.com/contact.

We also have an update for the FairyLoot Rep Search and we've been completely blown away by how many incredible entries! As we have received brilliant entries, it's taking us a little longer than expected to make our way through your entries and we now plan to announce the new reps at the start of next week! Thank you all so much again for applying and for bearing with us on this. 🖤

📷 Thank you @literaryxqueen for the beautiful photo featuring the Raybearer wooden phone stand (featured in our May 'Spellcraft' box) with lettering by @ladychubbletters!
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Hey fairies and happy Thursday! 🖤

Thank you for all of your amazing suggestions for Deluxe Sets in our post yesterday! As you know, we love working with publishers to create beautiful books for the stories you love and there were some brilliant suggestions and ideas for future Deluxe Sets... some of which might already be in the works, and we can't wait to share with you!

All of the books featured in this gorgeous photo (hello shelf goals!) are FairyLoot books (and boxes too)! Seeing everyone's FairyLoot collections always makes us so happy and we cannot wait for you to see not only our future special editions but also the books we've selected for upcoming months too! Let's just say that there are A LOT of brilliant fantasy books coming your way! 👀

Tell us, what's your favourite FairyLoot book? Let us know in the comments below!

📷 Thanks to the amazing @darkfaerietales_ for this stunning photo!
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Happy Wednesday, fairies! We hope you're having a magical week so far!
Every time we spot photos of our Deluxe Sets on social media it makes us so happy! We launched the Deluxe Set product line back in 2019, and we truly love all of them so much! This photo features the Graceling Deluxe Set from earlier this year, which were exclusive, signed, hardcover editions featuring covers designed by @micaelaalcainodesign, solid sprayed edges and custom endpapers!
In case you didn't know, The Dark Artifices Deluxe Set is still available in the Fairy Trove, but stock is limited! This stunning set comes with many customisations including exclusive covers, foil dust jackets, foil on the hardcover, two-colour stencilled edges, custom endpapers with artwork by @arz28, ribbon bookmarks and stamp signatures by Cassandra Clare. You don't want to miss out on these beautiful books!
Tell us, what's a Deluxe Set you'd like to see from us in the future? Let us know in the comments below! You never know, some of them might already be in the works. 😉
📷 Thanks to @myfriendsarefiction for the photo!
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Tell us a trope that you find irresistible! 🖤

Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco features one of our favourites: enemies-to-lovers romance! Between that and the customisations we were able to achieve on our exclusive edition from our October 2020 box, every time we see this book on our feed we get heart eyes! 😍

Let us know your favourite trope in the comments below!

Stunning photo taken by the amazing @dailybookrecs 🖤
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Happy Monday, fairies! We hope you had lovely and relaxing weekends. 🖤

Just some helpful reminders for you today:
🖤 Thank you so much for all of your support last week with all of our reveals! We had so much fun sharing these beautiful books with you and we're so excited to be bringing these gorgeous editions to you and your shelves. Information on all of our special editions can also always be found in the community section of our website!
🖤 Our Early Access sale for The Gilded Cage by Lynette Noni is tomorrow at 1pm BST and if we have sets remaining, they will be available to the public in the Fairy Trove on Wednesday July 21st at 1pm BST. Details about this exclusive edition can be found on our original post from last week or on our website.
🖤 We regularly update our shipping page with information for all of our upcoming boxes and books, which you can find here: https://community.fairyloot.com/shipping-updates/.
🖤 If you every have any questions about your order or general information, the best way is to reach us at FairyLoot.com/contact and our fairies will be able to help! 🧚🏼‍♀️

📷 Thank you to @thefearlessreader for this beautiful photo!
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We are so thrilled to present to you this FairyLoot exclusive edition of A Psalm of Storms and Silence by Roseanne A. Brown, the sequel to the gorgeous A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, brought to you in collaboration with @rosiesrambles and @harper360ya! 🖤

Inspired by West African folklore, this stunning book brims with magic, political intrigue and romance—so many of the things that we love!

To match A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, the FairyLoot edition of A Psalm of Storms and Silence will come with red SPRAYED EDGES to complement the cover and a SIGNED BOOKPLATE. It will be available in the UK Fairy Trove (worldwide shipping) for £23.50 + shipping. On September 22nd at 1pm BST, we will send out a private Early Access link to everyone that purchased A Song of Wraiths and Ruin. If we have stock remaining, these will be available in the Fairy Trove to the public on September 23rd at 1pm BST. The book is expected to ship in November.

100% of the profits for each purchase will go to Rosie's charity of choice: Pan Africa ILGA—an organisation dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ rights in Africa 🖤

We hope you're as excited as us about this beautiful edition! 🖤

📷 Gorgeous graphic designed by @blanca.design!
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We are thrilled to present to you the FairyLoot exclusive edition of 'Gilded' by Marissa Meyer, brought to you in collaboration with @faberchildrens and @marissameyerauthor!

We're long-time fans of Marissa Meyer's books and so we're so excited to be bringing you this gorgeous edition of her brand new novel. Much like 'The Lunar Chronicles', 'Gilded' is a compulsive and beautiful fairytale retelling, teeming with bewitching characters, curses and trickery!

What is special about this edition?
✨ Exclusive Gold foil on the hardcover
✨ Custom Endpapers
✨ Ribbon Bookmark
✨ Signed by Marissa Meyer

It will be available for £20.99 GBP / $28.99 USD + shipping from the UK and US Fairy Trove (we ship to most countries worldwide). On September 2nd at 1pm BST, we will send out a private Early Access link to all active subscribers. If we have stock remaining, these will be available in the Fairy Trove to the public on September 3rd at 1pm BST. The book is expected to ship in November/December.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this stunning edition!

Beautiful graphic by @blanca.design
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Happy Friday, fairies! We hope you have all been having a wonderful week! 🖤

We have some updates to share with you today:
🖤 Your reactions to our announcements this week have been amazing and we're always so grateful for your love and support! We still have two more announcements to come, and our next reveal is at 5pm today. If you want to set a reminder of our upcoming reveals, we've popped countdowns in our Instagram Stories. Simply tap the arrow on the countdown widget to save the reminder!
🖤 More exciting news: June 'Animal Companions' boxes have already begun shipping! Woohoo! Everyone should receive tracking by July 17th and our packing teams will also start packing July 'Tales Retold' boxes next week too. We regularly update our shipping updates page with details for upcoming boxes and books, so be sure to check it out here: https://community.fairyloot.com/shipping-updates/. If you have any questions, our team is always here to help at can be reached at fairyloot.com/contact.
🖤 Seeing photos of our books on your shelves makes us so happy and we've been so delighted to see so many gorgeous photos of The Iron Frey set by Julie Kagawa over the past few weeks. We were enchanted from the second we read this gorgeous fae series, so if you haven't read this series yet, we'd definitely encourage you to! It's the perfect summer read!

As always, thank you all. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! ✨🧚‍♀️

Thanks to @darkfaerietales_ for this beautiful photo!
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