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Our monthly box is priced at £26

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Our fairies are wrapping, packing and preparing your magical box. Every box will have around 5 exclusive goodies along with an exciting new YA fantasy book. A sprinkle of fairy dust and your box is ready to go!

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Was that a fluttering of wings outside? Your book subscription box is here! We ship our boxes on a fast tracked service from our warehouse in the UK directly to your door.

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Share your love for your #fairyloot box and take part in our monthly Readalongs. Enjoy the exciting goodies, exclusive content from the author and brand-new hardcover book that you've received. Happy reading!

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Well, sort of. It's actually a fantasy-focused monthly book subscription box containing a recently-released Young Adult book and a selection of around 5 high quality bookish goodies. We partner up with the best authors and leading publishing houses to regularly surprise you with special edition books that will keep you up all night!

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Start your fantasy journey

Hey fairies! We hope you're having a good week so far. 🖤

We’ve loved seeing your photos of the Graceling Realm Deluxe Set by Kristin Cashore this week! We hope you love them as much as we do. 🤩

Why are these books so special?
✨ They are the only complete set of hardcover editions of the Graceling series featuring stunning covers designed by @micaelaalcainodesign
✨ They come with solid sprayed edges in striking colours to compliment the covers as well as custom endpapers
✨ All four books are signed by Kristin Cashore
✨ They have custom endpapers

We have some amazing Deluxe Sets coming this year, and we’ll be announcing our next one tomorrow! 🥳

We’ve asked this before, but we’d love to hear what Deluxe Sets you would like to see in the future! You never know, we might already be working on it or we could make your dreams come true!

📷 Gorgeous photo by the amazing @ravenousreader
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Join us for a #FairyChat on Thursday 6th May at 12.30pm EST / 5.30pm BST with the amazing @jessicarubinkowski!
Tash and Jessica will be talking about The Bright and the Pale, our stunning book of the month featured in the March 'Frozen Fables' box. Don't worry if you haven't read it yet, the chat will be SPOILER FREE, but be sure to bring plenty of cosy treats!
Is there anything you’d like us to ask Jessica? Let us know in the comments below!
Beautiful graphic by @blanca.design featuring artwork by @taratjah
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We are so excited to reveal the June theme for our monthly box and it is… ANIMAL COMPANIONS!
Have you ever felt a connection to an animal friend? Or wished for your own magic creature to accompany you on an epic quest? Whether that be a fire-spitting dragon or a talking cat, for many readers animals are the perfect companions! If you could have an animal companion, what would it be and why?
In this box you can expect items inspired by The Raven Boys, Crescent City, The Priory of the Orange Tree, Kiki's Delivery Service and Kingdom of the Wicked. We are thrilled to reveal that this box will include TWO items that we have never featured before — one of which is a Crescent City flower pot!
Our featured book of the month is a contemporary fantasy filled with sarcastic characters, dragons, action and a dash of romance. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER, SPRAYED EDGES, ARTWORK ON THE REVERSE OF THE DUST JACKET by @icandrawthingz, FOIL EMBOSSING ON THE CASE by @icandrawthingz and will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.
Spots for new subscriptions are currently CLOSED, but you can sign up to the waiting list http://eepurl.com/g2MAxr. The best way to get a subscription at the moment is to sign up to the waiting list - we invite people whenever more spots become available.
Bonus surprise! 🎉 We will be revealing our next Deluxe Set this Friday! Any guesses as to what it might be?
Gorgeous theme art by official FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by @blanca.design
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Happy Tuesday, fairies! We hope you've had a great long bank holiday weekend. We have some important updates for you today... and the last one is particularly exciting! 😏

✨ Our team is back in office after the bank holiday weekend, so if you've sent us an email and are waiting for a reply please know that our fairies are catching up on emails as quickly as possible and you should hear back from us soon. Thank you for your patience!
✨ The shipping updates page has been updated with information, please make sure to check it out at: community.fairyloot.com/shipping-updates.
✨ The Realm Breaker subscriber Early Access sale is at 1pm today so keep an eye on your emails. If we still have stock remaining after the Early Access sale, the public sale will take place at 1pm BST tomorrow May 5th. ⚠️ UPDATE: Realm Breaker has sold out, which means unfortunately there will be no public sale.
✨ We are working as hard as we can on increasing subscription spots, and are gradually increasing available spots from autumn through to winter. Thank you so much for your continued patience!
✨ We will be revealing our June theme tomorrow and we cannot wait to share this with you! It's going to be another fantastic box. 🤩
✨ And now... we are positively thrilled to share some sneak peeks for our upcoming boxes! These emojis are clues for the books we are featuring in our monthly boxes from July to October. Whilst we are revealing hints for the books, we will say that we have some other brilliant surprises tucked up our sleeves for the actual themes and boxes, which we think you'll be veryyyyy pleased with. 😉
July:  🦢🐉
August: 🧝🏼‍♀️🪞
September: 🛡️🌌
October: 💔🍎
✨ If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to our team at FairyLoot.com/contact!

📷 thanks to @bookish.bones for the photo
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Today is day one of the FairyLoot readalong! Will you be joining us? This readalong is open to everyone who has a copy of The Bright and The Pale by Jessica Rubinkowski! Just head on over to community.fairyloot.com to see the schedule the first post.
This stunning FairyLoot edition has an exclusive cover, shimmery sprayed edges, a foil design on the hardcover, artwork on the reverse by @gabsternaut and custom endpapers that are signed by Jessica! We love it so much, and will be showing more of the exclusive features in the coming days.
Beautiful photo by @literaryxqueen!
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